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The Véniez Anorexia & Bulimia Clinic© for Eating disorders unique therapy is a reflection of our philosophy about recovery. 



Identify the causes, the sources of his or her eating disorder and eliminate them in four sessions.

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This site is devoted to eating disorders. The different pages of The Véniez Anorexia & Bulimia Clinic© website will provide an understanding of the disorders. Therapeutic strategies that are effective in eliminating the root of the problems of the eating disorders which resolves the symptoms.


With or without a learnt root, eating disorders are greatly influenced and controlled by emotional and cultural factors. Misunderstood by most of society, the stigma of eating disorders has long kept individuals suffering in brutal silence, without access to proper treatment. Moreover, on account of a lack of information and educational materials, many experienced professionals and the public in general have failed to recognize the life-threatening consequences of these terrible conditions. While eating disorders are a critical danger to both mind and body, there is now help available and recovery is possible with the right treatment plan and tools.


On-line therapies are now available with MSN or Skype by Dr Veniez

[August 13, 2008]

The term "addiction" is used in many contexts to describe an obsession, compulsion, excessive physical dependence or psychological dependence. There are many definitions of alcoholism and addiction. Of the many definitions, some of them provide conflicting information. However, almost all agree that alcoholism and drug addiction are used to describe the person who has lost the ability to control their drinking or drug use despite adverse consequences. read more... 


[August 05, 2008]

During our entire life we have been accumulating information which makes us who we are. The negative and positive information impacts our lives daily. Sometimes a simple drop can activate us into a state of total non- understanding.read more...


[August 01, 2008]

Sexual dysfunctions, disorders or problems related to a particular phase of the sexual response cycle. For example, sexual dysfunctions include sexual desire disorders, sexual arousal disorders, orgasm disorders, and sexual pain disorders. read more...



[August 01, 2008]

Problems and misfortunes are a part of life. Everyone experiences unhappiness, and many people may become depressed temporarily when things don't go as they would like. Experiences of failure commonly result in temporary feelings of worthlessness and self-blame, while personal losses cause feelings of sadness, disappointment and emptiness. Such feelings are normal, and they usually pass after a short time. This is not the case with depression. read more...








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